The girl next door

if you live next door to a graveyard

31 May
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Just a small town girl from Indiana who's not afraid to go on a lifelong search for the beautiful and the sublime.

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19th century orientalism, absinthe, absurdist theatre, alchemy, aleister crowley, ancient cultures, andy warhol's factory, anthropology, antiques, antonin artaud, apocalyptic folk, art history, art nouveau, austin osman spare, b-movies, baudelaire, bauhaus, being a snooty bitch, being a whiney bitch, being a wino, books, british invasion, british literature, bukowski, classical music, comics, comparative religion, cooking, corsetry, cult movies, curiosities in cabinetry, dadaism, dark ambient, dark shadows, david lynch, de sade, decadant literature, dr. who, drive-ins, edgar allan poe, edwardian era, egon schiele, environmentalism, ethiopian food, etymology, exoticism, expressionism, film, flower gardening, fluxus art, folklore, free speech, french literature, french new wave cinema, gaudi, german literature, ghost stories, glam rock, gnosticism, goth that doesn't suck, gothic fashion, gothic music, grand guignol, graveyards, h.p. lovecraft, herbalism, hermeticism, hieronymous bosch, horror, indian food, jazz, jean cocteau, joy division, kenneth anger, military pop, mods, multi-media art, my cherokee heritage, mysticism, mythology, natural healing, neo-victorianism, new romantic, new wave, nick cave, nietzsche, occultism, parapsychology, peacock feathers, performance art, poetry, post-punk, pre-raphaelites, pro-choice, punk, rat pack, reincarnation, retro-futurism, rimbaud, romanticism, russian literature, sailing ships, schopenhauer, sea shanties, stanley kubrick, steampunk, steampunk that doesn't suck, stravinsky, surrealism, sushi, symbolist art, tea parties, the beautiful and sublime, thomas hardy, thunderstorms, tiki bars, travel, turkish food, unusual cultural artifacts, victorian spiritualism, vintage clothing, weird cults, white tulips, william blake, willow trees, wine