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The · girl · next · door

Gloom, Despair and Agony on Me

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Last Thursday I went to leave work and my car wouldn't start. Another of my greatest fears made manifest! I managed to call a tow truck and have it taken to my mechanic, then hopped on the bus from the Tech Center, transfered at Colfax, then walked the final two blocks home. Luckily I got to work from home on Friday, which was lovely, then Saturday morning I went via light rail to pick up the Scarlet Woman from being fixed. My mechanic said the wire from the starter to the engine looked like it had been cut, as there was a segment entirely missing, and that was the only wire damaged which ruled out a rodent chewing on it (apparently that's not uncommon). He said he didn't want to make me paranoid, but that it looked like it had been deliberately cut and to keep a look out while I was at work. It's so strange though... I don't really know anyone in my office building other than the people I work with so I have no idea why someone would mess with my car, but it was a little spooky walking around the parking lot at night. Maybe it's time to invest in another round of self-defense classes.

Tomorrow I fly out to Portland for the next few days. I will miss my guy and my kitty but I'll have a good time while I'm there, barring any plane crashes or the end of the world. True to form, I just gave myself a panic attack by checking the office's Friday return flight arrangements for the hundreth time. I noticed the dates were for the week after next, but I didn't notice it was last year's itenerary until my heart started racing and I got pre-black-out tunnel vision. Now I am the picture of perfect calmness. I think my self-destruct button blew itself up.
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